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The Otter Unit Test Framework enables the creation and execution of automated unit tests within Visual Studio 2005 (.NET framework 2.0 or higher) and Web Developer and C# Developer Express 2010. This tool has a similar behaviour to the JUnit Framework (for Java), meaning that anyone who is accustomed with JUnit will adapt to Otter Unit Test Framework quite naturally.

Important Note

Up to version 00.05 only MS Visual Studio 2005 was supported. From 00.06, only MS Web Developer, C# Developer Express 2010, and further, are supported.

The reason is simple: since MS Visual Studio now comes with a Unit Testing Framework, Otter Unit Test Framework serves no purpose for this IDE. However, the Express editions (Web Developer, and C# Developer) have no Unit Testing Framework. Therefore, this version and the next ones will focus on these IDEs. Since they provide no Plug-in support, no such tool will be implemented. Therefore, the only manner the Otter Unit Test Framework is to be executed is by creating a Window App Project in the Solution, as it is described next.

Sourceforge link

You can find the Otter Unit Test Framework in Sourceforge by clicking here. There, you can download releases, make part of the development team, view forums among other things.

On-line User Guides

You can find the on-line User Guides, for each version, on how to use the Otter Unit Test Framework below:

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